IT Assessment and Planning Services


With an IT assessment and plan that is created and based on the specific needs of your business, you will be able to expand your business and tailor future decisions in a more profitable way

ACS offers an IT assessment that is both comprehensive and innovative. By taking this assessment, you will know the exactly where your technology is helping or hurting your business, and what can be done to improve it.

We will then fit your organization with a plan that helps to align all the components of your business with your technology, to help you achieve your goals. Without knowing how your technology is affecting your business, you could be losing precious resources such as time or money, without ever knowing it. Our technology plans serve to prevent the loss of resources, help you track the current state of your technology, and make changes in the present and future when necessary.

IT Assessment and Planning Services in [contentblock id=location] are the only thing sure way to keep your technology up to date and lucrative

First Decide what your Technology Goals Are

The first step to creating a tech plan that works well is to figure out where your technology is at this point in time, and where you would like it to be in the future. We will include this information in your Mission Statement and Services, and continue to use this information throughout the entire planning process. Being aware of your goals is paramount to the success of the technology plan.

Determine the Current State of your Technology

A technology inventory will be competed, which includes all of the software and hardware that your company is using. This will provide us with the in-depth and well documentedĀ  information necessary to assess the technology needs of your company.

Identify State of Internal Practices and Policies

We will take a look at what your policies and procedures are, and determine if they need to be augmented with regard to employee development, security systems and data/disaster recovery.

Assessment of Staff

We will use this to determine the level of skill individual members of your organization have, who needs further development, and who is exceeding expectations.

Begin Writing a Technology Plan

Once the initial assessment of your organization is complete, we can begin writing your technology plan. It will be based on keeping the technology practices that are working well in tact, and improving technology in the areas that will bring your companies’ goals to fruition. This will include:

  • Critical Needs must be addressed

The first changes that are made will be to the highest priority items, such as those that are drastically impeding your organization’s ability to function properly

  • Develop Hardware Fault-Tolerance Strategy

It is critical to check that all of the hardware and physical entities (such as servers and mission-critical workstations) that keep your business running, are in good working order, and have been fitted with any additions that can help prevent future failures. This will diminish the need for some costly future repairs, or a waste of time from hardware malfunctions.

  • Develop Data Fault-Tolerance Strategy

Data that is important to your organizations’ success can be damaged by many things, such as malware, power conditions that are not up to code, disastrous events or corruption. We will develop a strategy based on your needs that include anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam protection. Additionally, we will address your data storage needs, and figure out the best strategy for data retrieval andĀ  critical updates, in case of an emergency.

  • Address Efficiency Issues and Start Lowering Cost

Anywhere your organization is not running at its’ highest levels of productivity will be identified. We will then deliver to you the options that will allow your technology to work harder and smarter for you, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

  • Develop an Equipment Upgrade/Replacement Plan

Here is where we help you determine if replacing your older equipment could actually save you more money than keeping it. Our strategy will quantify the exact cost of physical labor, upgrades, and machine maintenance, so that you know with certainty if an equipment investment is the right choice.

  • Implement a Scheduled Maintenance Program

Instead of waiting until there is a technology issue that could potentially damage your systems, our plans will include scheduled maintenance to prevent any damage in the first place. Having scheduled maintenance procedures in place keeps critical updates and service pack levels maintained, while simultaneously preventing most hardware and software issues from causing any data loss. These practices, combined with a remote servicing team available at any time, will keep your devices and your company running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Create a Proactive Disaster Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery Plan that is proactive can save you thousands of lost hours and dollars, as opposed to just reacting to a disaster. The plan we will create for you will enable your team to take quick action in the event of an emergency, and with minimal loss of data and resources.

  • Tiered Technology Improvements Based on Level of Priority

Based on the climate of your organization, we will roll-out technology changes in sections or phases, with high priority items at the top of the list, and low priority at the bottom. The order and execution of these changes will be based on the predictive analysis of your company that was taken earlier.

  • Execute Change

We will execute all of the suggested technology improvements we included in your plan, moving closer to your desired outcome.

  • Evaluate and Make Changes as Needed

See what elements of the plan worked as desired, and revise any procedures that did not result in the desired outcome, after each execution of every section.

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