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Is your business being threatened by a never-ending influx of spam, or harmful viruses and phishing?

The Hosted Email Services we offer inĀ [contentblock id=location] can help with that

If wasting massive amounts of time on having to manage your inbox is effecting your productivity, you are not alone. Have you ever considered just how much money you and your organization are losing to this laborious task? The answer is a lot.

Is e-mail regulatory compliance an issue you have had to deal with? With 1 out of every 5 people who are subpoenaed to provide their emails, it is likely you will have to deal with this at some point.

Are you really just sick and tired of wasting the resources of your company on spam and phishing related e-mail problems?

Hosted e-mail services offered at ACS:

  • Before your business is affected, we eradicate spam/phishing/virus threats
  • Keep your emails encrypted and safe by offering a Secure Messaging Solution that also meets regulatory compliance requirements
  • Maintain that regulatory compliance in all areas, including e-mail reporting and retention
  • Provide hosted storage for your email, allowing quick access of your information after a potentially critical loss
  • High speed response to critical email issues without any additional cost to your company
  • Improve your team’s ability to collaborate and communicate, and work on tasks without any threats or problems impeding productivity

By reducing the cost of protection from messaging risk, hosted e-mail services not only saves money, but streamlines the process of company wide communication.

What exactly can hosted e-mail services do for you?

Communication is everything in business, and when there is a lapse, your profits and productivity suffer. Without having to pay large sums to keep your communications secure and maintained, our hosted e-mail services ensure that there is never a breakdown between your staff or your clientele.

Scheduling, task-management, news and important messages about your business, are all important items in a business that must be kept safe and functional. Our services allow you to do that for a significantly smaller cost than that of other companies.

Now is the time to take advantage of our compliant and effective e-mail hosting solutions, to start saving money and time, while keeping your communications safe.
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