Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare Technology Solutions in Austin, Texas at Austin Computer Service.

When searching for a healthcare technology solution provider it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

Is your Healthcare IT Service Provider up to code?
Is proven experience in EMR and Practice Management Software support a requirement for your organization?
Does your healthcare IT provider comply with all HIPPA and HiTech requirements?

If you are seeking Healthcare Technology Solutions in Austin, Texas then look no further, Austin Computer Service is here for you.

The various Healthcare Technology Solutions we offer are:

  • Management of all the devices on your network
  • Healthcare consultants available at any given time
  • Software that makes medical billing simple and manageable
  • Healthcare communication support for a single/multiple offices and locations
  • HIPAA-compliant procedures and accountability
  • HITech-compliant EMR and Practice Management Software consulting and support

Our specialists make sure you are meeting all healthcare service requirements

Under our care, your healthcare practice will be HIPAA/HiTech compliant, and safe from even the most stringent of audits.

The Healthcare Technology Solutions we provide are powered by an experienced and proven team of  Medical Billing support specialists.

Keep your business processes healthy with our wide range of Compliant Healthcare Technology Solutions.

Ask Us about our Low Flat Rates and 24x7x365 Network Monitoring!

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