Email Messaging and Archiving

Email Messaging and Archiving in Austin, Texas at Austin Computer Service.

If your email system was more secure and available, just how much could you or your company benefit?

Get our Email Messaging and Archiving Solutions to find out!

Your emails’ new protection from outside threats such as viruses, malware, and annoying or harmful spam is guaranteed.

Intuitive Security Filtering

  • Spam is caught at a 99.7% rate, one of the highest available
  • Additionally, filters that weed out harmful viruses and malware
  • All content and attachments are checked for absolute protection
  • Email spooling in case of a disastrous event

Message Continuity and Archiving

  • Compliant solutions for FINRA/NASD, SEC, SOX, HIPAA, in addition to more
  • Notably, if your server becomes inaccessible, we offer email access for 60 days
  • To preserve continuity, we unsure the status of your emails remain intact (read, unread, etc.)
  • All compliance standards are met by our quick and effective hosting and archiving services
  • Solutions offer the compliance standards of all regulatory organizations (SEC, HIPPA, FINRA/NASD), etc.

Easy Administration

  • In light of your business needs, you don’t worry about installing any hardware or software, we do that for you
  • Additionally, special permissions enable you or your team to have complete control over who sees what
  • Notably, spam is no longer an issue with our Spam Quarantine Reports, which makes spam more manageable

Around the Clock Customer Support

  • Help is available to you in any form at any time, whether it be by phone, online chat, or by email

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