Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


What will happen to your business after a catastrophic event? Can a fire, robbery, hurricane or hackers destroy the business you have built?

40% of businesses are not able to recover after destructive events like the ones listed above, according to recent statistics.

Having a Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan in place is the key to protecting your business from the uncontrollable threats outside of your business. By setting up a plan long before your business experiences loss, you are significantly more likely to recover than a business who did not take precautionary steps. A Disaster and Recovery and Continuity Plan could mean the difference between a minor set back, and permanent and total loss.

The comprehensive plan that we create will be tailor made for your business, and will include easy to follow instructions for the entirety of your staff. An example of some of the elements of your plan might include are:

  • Which authorities should contacted after break-ins, fires, assault, etc.
  • What should be done regarding insurance – who to call, what steps should be taken to ensure you’re covered
  • Getting necessary equipment or staff quickly and within budget
  • Retrieving data
  • How to get your business back up and running

Your Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan will allow your company to start functioning again regardless of any previous atrocity, in the most cost-effective way possible.
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